Why buying is so much better than leasing

We almost always recommend buying vs. leasing solar.  It’s important that you know the difference.  Here are a few key points that demonstrate the advantage of owning.  We’ll show you exactly how much more you can save with a purchase over a lease.

  • With a purchase you receive the tax credit.  With a lease, the leasing company keeps the credit.
  • A lease decreases your savings.  The whole reason leases exist is because they are wildly profitable to the companies offering them.  Buy your system with cash or a loan and you keep all the savings.
  • Leases discourage buyers of your home.  An owned system is an asset to your home value.  A lease is actually a liability!  Most buyers know this, and its very common for real estate agents to point this out to their buyers.
  • Let us look at any lease proposal you have received and we’ll show you how much more you can save in an easy to understand format with no financing gimmicks.