Is solar right for me?

This is a good question, and one everyone should ask themselves.  In fact, we really don’t want to sell it to you if its not an investment we’d make ourselves.  We routinely see 15-20% returns on the systems we install.  This is a nearly unmatched investment return.  In this post I’ll try to summarize as briefly as I can an answer to this question.

PG&E customers: This one is actually easy.  I can tell you the answer is YES, no question.  I can tell you this without even seeing your bills.  Even PG&E’s lowest tier is still more expensive than to produce yourself with solar.  If I were a PG&E customer I wouldn’t hesitate to move forward with solar.  We can offset up to 100% of your usage and every kilowatt produced will generate savings.

SMUD customers: Here is answer is a maybe.  SMUD’s lowest tier today is about the same cost as generating the electricity yourself.  The higher tiers are more expensive.  So, sometimes we aim to simply offset the higher tiers rather than the entire bill.  SMUD requires a little more analysis, but we are happy to help explain the financials in easy to understand terms.

Here’s the good news: you don’t have to take our word for it.  Below we provide tools from both PG&E and SMUD to help you model savings for your particular usage.  Again, we are happy to assist you with this determination, but we just like to provide you with the tools to help make you comfortable with your decision.

And here is a good resource from the US government: