CoolPV-Proof of Performance, Wow!

In addition to the recent comment from a customer “My pool is 90 degrees, I can just jump right in!” CoolPV also greatly boosts electricity generation by transferring panel heat to the pool, thereby cooling the panels.

Sound too good to be true?  I wondered that myself.  However, in looking at the graphic below, you can see exactly where the pool water circulation turns on– we know it turns on at 12:30.  (We do this to maximize output during the PG&E peak afternoon rates.  This maximizes the financial return of the system, buy low sell high!)

If you look at the red dashed line, this is what we would expect the afternoon curve to look like, essentially a mirror image of the morning curve.  Instead the curve “flattens out” when the pool heat turns on.  So, the area between the red dashed line and the green line is all extra production that’s been enabled by the symbiotic relationship of pool heating and solar energy generation.  I’m nothing short of impressed, and neither are our customers.

Call us and let us impress you too!COOLPV GRAPHIC